Love Letter to Sociology

Sociology, my love-

I hope I have not offended you by turning my attention from you for but a few minutes. You need not worry – I’ll always come back to you – but I sincerely felt that this could not wait. I need you to know that I love you. Deeply. Unerringly. Irreparably. That I am willing to commit to spending my life in pursuit of the knowledge and insight you give me; that I want to spend everyday feeling the exhilaration and excitement I feel when I thumb through textbooks and scroll through articles and write testaments to your beauty in the form of sixteen mark essays; that you are easily my great love in life and that I feel there is no greater decision I have made – though it was a non-decision, really, a no-brainer – than ticking the “Sociology” option for my A Level subjects.

You lounge on the tip of my tongue, you, in all your manifestations as theories, names, perspectives, waiting to dive headfirst into any conversation I have because everything – everything – is so relevant to you. I marvel over you in long metro rides against the backdrop of music and dim, monotonous, crisp sounding announcements of what station is next.

You – my favorite subject, my future discipline, my life-long partner if you will it – light up my life. And maybe more than a love letter, this is a proposal – a request for you to accept me in holy academic matrimony, for now and forever, till death do us part.

Perhaps I go too far. I apologize. All I want is for you to know how much I love you – that I promise to be a faithful adherent of you as a student, as a life-long learner, and as a citizen of the world.

I should get back to you. I’d hate to keep you waiting.

Yours, in academia and in love,


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